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Bromo Ijen Tour

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Bromo Ijen Tour

Day 01 – L/D

Upon at Juanda airport, welcome and meeting service by a guide for brief explanation of the SUBABROPASIJEN TOUR.

Surabaya Bangkalan Trip

The first attraction to visit is the House of Sampoerna, a preserved cigarette museum with Dutch colonial architecture housing ancient cigarette production equipments.

Before continuing the trip to Madura island, you have lunch with typical food of East Java. The next site to see is the longest 5.3 km bridge in Indonesia called Suramadu over the strait of Madura. The views on the west are industrial atmosphere of Tanjung Perak port and the Military Naval Base Pier, and on the east is the open sea waters of Madura Strait.

Here in Bangkalan city, you find batik and art shop, and a center of batik showrooms with typical Tanjung Bumi motif, and other Madurese motif in general ; and medical herbs of Madura available.

Stay at 3-star-rated hotel at Sukapura

Day 02 – B/L/D

Bromo Sunrise Trip

Early morning at 4 am, drive down to the sand sea to Mt. Penanjakan to watch the sunrise over the eastern horizon of Mount Bromo and Semeru. Golden orange-red rays from above the eastern horizon slowly iluminate the white mist covering the suface of the sea of sand, it is extraordinarily amazing.

The sand sea spreading across the surface of the Tenggerese caldera and Mount Batok’s structure greatly add to the uniqquness and scarcity of nature as defined by UNESCO that Mount Bromo is one of the three mountains of the world’s most unique.

Galloping horses and friendly community of Tengger trip become a natural tourist attraction in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.


Pasir Putih Beach

Climbing down Mt. Bromo, you continue the trip to the Pasir Putih white sand beach at the bay of Situbondo againts the backdrop of teak forest of Sang Hyang montains. The beach offers calm wave ideal for water recreation or boating to enjoy the potential of coral reefs and marine ornamental fish. Fresh grilled fish and marine craft are available.

Lunch at the Pasir Putih restaurant,proceed to Banyuwangi to stay at a 3-star-rated hotel in Banyuwangi.

 Day 03 – B/L/D

Ijen Trekking Trip

Early in the morning at 4 am climb up to the top of Ijen Crater.

Ijen crater has the largest diameters in Asia, the blue-green water is located at an altitude  of 2.200 meters above sea level. It is geographically flanked by Mounts Merapi and Raung, and is surrounded by an expense of plantations of coffe, cocoa, clove, and rubber.

The crater niche texture are sharp rock reliefs which make fantastic shades of rainbow – colored crater. Friendly smiles and greetings are always given by sulphur miners to welcome tourists during trekking 3 kilometers up the trail to the top of the caldera.

A camp for weighing sulphur becomes a tourist rest area to enjoy hot coffe and tea and to restore the spirit of tourist reaching the caldera.

Trying to climb down into the crater lake and shulpur resources requires extra care and a masker to protect from shulpur fumes.

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